Using "Use Custom Build" I get error: "Building of Android project failed"

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By wyy2

I’m very happy with 3.2 features and I’m trying to use one of them - easier admob install. First of all I’m tryting to build custom template, but can’t do that. Exporting android APK works, but when the checker “Use Custom Build” is selected error occurs:

Here are my settings:

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: kirkcusi

Hi, I encountered this issue and was able to resolve by doing these:

  1. Download JDK 8 here
  2. Install the JDK 8 and setup your system variables - similar to this
  3. In your Godot project, delete the “android” folder
  4. Delete your initial debug.keystore from the sdk folder
  5. Accept the licenses and install platform-tools via command line/powershell by following the steps here (NOTE: I still did this regardless if I installed the Android Studio itself)
  6. Generate the keystore again by following enter link description here
  7. In Godot, go to Editor|Editor Settings|Android and make sure that your Jarsigner is pointing to the JDK 8 folder
  8. Try exporting again