Using WorldEnvironment Glow to affect particles a layer above my UI layer

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By clownshoe

In my current 2D game, I have my GAME layer (with sprites and tiles and particles and stuff) which I would like affected by Glow and Bloom, above that my UI layer which I don’t want affected by Gloom and Bloom, and then above that I would like to add a PARTICLE layer that will show over the top of the UI layer which also should be affected by Glow and Bloom.

PARTICLE layer == glow and bloom
UI layer == no glow and bloom
GAME layer == glow and bloom

Is there any way to achieve this?

When WorldEnvironment is set to Canvas, you can set a maximum layer that it will affect, but if I set it to the same layer number as the PARTICLE layer, the UI layer is affected by the WorldEnvironment node.

Really I want glowy particles above the UI layer, so is there another way to achieve this?

If nothing else, you could just apply the bloom in an image editor to the particles and use that as the particle texture, or use a shader to draw just the particles with bloom

andersmmg | 2021-07-03 06:35

Perfect. Thank you. I just studied what the glow was doing and replicated it on a copy of the particle that is displayed on the top layer. Thank you.

clownshoe | 2021-07-04 09:52

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: clownshoe

Ase per andersmmg’s comment. I created a copy of the particle I was using on the GAME layer, and added glow and bloom to it for use on the PARTICLE layer. To do this I took a screen shot of the GAME layer particles, and replicate the effect.
This works really well.