Vector Spaces and Subspaces

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Peppe

Sorry guys for asking this question but I want to make sure I’m not mistaken. I took a couple of linear algebra classes on “vector spaces and subspaces”. Now I say, if I have an object2 child of an object1, the object1 is the parent and let’s say it is the root of the tree of the scene and operates on the reference system Global or Local (I understand that in this case say local or say global is the same) and then there is the object2 which is the child that also has these systems, from here comes my question: “the reference systems of the child are Vector Subspaces of the reference systems of the parent? And if they are, how to figure out whether to work on the former rather than the latter systems(i.e. those of object2)?” . This question stems from the fact that I’m working with the touch event and when I directly assign the event position to the local position of a child object, this object doesn’t go directly to the event position but rather moves away from it a bit so I assigned the event position to the global position of the object, which works.

I don’t think understanding this requires algebraic definitions. Local is a position relative to parents global position. That means if object1 is poistioned at 32,32 and its child - object 2 is positioned at 96,96 : object2 local position is 64,64 ( just like its parents position would always be 0,0 )

Inces | 2022-04-16 20:31