VehicleBody won't move after getting flipped

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Oleh Patrushev

The issue is VehicleBody won’t move after getting flipped. If you drive, its OK, but after car getting on upside down, it won’t move, wheels won’t spin or steer, even if make car on right direction with some script functionality.

Did I understand your question correctly? Do you want the car to stop when it turns reverse .
(“My English is very bad. I’m sorry”)

ramazan | 2021-05-31 13:10

Nope. Car wheels are getting freezed, if car is upside down. That is the issue.

Oleh Patrushev | 2021-05-31 14:24


var wheel_spin = true

if car.rotation_degrees.x > 45:
wheel_spin = false
“don’t turn the wheels”

ramazan | 2021-05-31 15:44

No, I don’t need to block wheels, on the contrary I don’t want it, but Godot automatically do it.

Oleh Patrushev | 2021-05-31 16:18

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Johannes

Uncheck “can sleep” in the properties of VehicleBody. That fixed this problem for me.

Thanks. I’ll try.

Oleh Patrushev | 2022-02-18 09:23