Viewport not showing control content

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Maha

I’m currently working on my first VR project and I want to show some text and a loading bar when the project is loading on the VR headset.

I tried the progress node and the labels on the Quest VR simulator and it’s working fine in 2D on the Mac, then I wanted to use a viewport to be able to show them in 3D but I couldn’t make it work after many attempts the viewport is totally black.

Here is my node tree:

  • Spatial
    — ViewportContainer (size: 1024512)
    ------ Viewport (size: 1024
    ----------- CanvasLayer (Inherited scene)

The nodes tree of the inherited scene:
— Control
------ Panel
------------ Label
------------ Progress
-------- Label

Is this the right tree structure ? Should I add a code to my nodes to activate the viewport ?

Thank you