VSCode debugging with "Launch (Select Scene)" not working

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By rawberry

I’m having difficulties debugging a specific scene with VSCode. My “Launch in Editor” profile works just fine.

Here is the launch profile and task for “Launch (Select Scene)”:

    "name": "Launch (Select Scene)",
    "type": "godot-mono",
    "request": "launch",
    "mode": "executable",
    "preLaunchTask": "build",
    "executable": "C:/dev/GameDevelopment/GodotEngine/Godot_v3.5.1-stable_mono_win64/Godot_v3.5.1-stable_mono_win64.exe\r",
    "executableArguments": [

And the task

"tasks": [
        "label": "build",
        "command": "C:/dev/GameDevelopment/GodotEngine/Godot_v3.5.1-stable_mono_win64/Godot_v3.5.1-stable_mono_win64.exe\r",
        "type": "process",
        "args": [
        "problemMatcher": "$msCompile"

And the error message from my VSCode terminal (not sure why it’s truncating things)

 --build-solutions --path C:\dev\GameDevelopment\GodotProjects\StarSwarm --no-window -q dot_v3.5.1-stable_mono_win64.exe

" does not exist. rocess failed to launch: Path to shell executable "C:\dev\GameDevelopment\GodotEngine\Godot_v3.5.1-stable_mono_win64\Godot_v3.5.1-stable_mono_win64.exe

I asked ChatGPT for help, and it pointed out the errant \r characters in the paths.


Problem solved.

rawberry | 2023-03-21 15:47

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: rawberry

There were errant \r characters in the paths to my Godot executablesz