Ways to improve this Spinner-like object?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Mobuos

So I have this little spinner:
enter image description here
The idea is that the center would stay in the same position, while the whole thing spins when something enters in contact with it

So, I created a static body 2d and attached a joint to both the spinner and this new body:
enter image description here

The problem is, I get this result:
(Couldn’t attach a gif)

As you can see it works fine if a ball falls on the edge of its arms, but when there are multiple balls, or if the ball touches the middle of the spinner, it bugs out and doesn’t stay completely still.

This is more visible in this other gif, where I changed the softness of the PinJoint2D to 16 and the Bias to 0

Of course, changing the Bias to 0.9 and Softness to 0 helps, but as you might notice in the first gif, it doesn’t solve the problem. How do I avoid this behaviour?

Edit: Btw, I want to (later) be able to instance those spinners just like I did with the balls.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Mobuos

SOLUTION (To my problem at least)

The ball had it’s mass set to 100
That was bugging out the pinjoint2D
Which was causing the problem.
Setting the ball’s mass to 1 solved the problem.