Ways to store game resources other than .pck

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By r245

Hello. I am looking for an option for storing game resources in external archives with the ability to read / write data without loading the entire archive into RAM. Of all the data storage options, I found only .res, .json and .pck. But the first two require (if I’m not mistaken) a full load into RAM, and .pck adds everything to the root of the system, replacing duplicate files, and it seems that it cannot be unloaded without rebooting. And I need the ability to partially view ALL (including duplicates) archive files without loading into the RAM (imagine if the archive (probably) weighs 16 GB). Is there any format that allows this?
(P.S: I use a translator, besides, I may have missed something when studying the available methods, please forgive me for this)