What are your scene structure best practices?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Downehr

So… background time (just project structure though)… I have a base scene called “World_base” from which I instance child scenes to create the world, this way every scene I have get access to all tilemaps easily and when I add a new one I can just double back through my old scenes and it’s automatically there already and I can just start painting in the tiles.

I haven’t gotten very far with the graphics (not my strong suite) but I bought some graphic packs which includes tilemaps and stuff and I started making a few scenes.

Then yesterday I got sick of the structure, all tilemaps were just laying around with no organization what so ever, so I created a regular Node and moved them to the Node, which I then renamed “Tilemaps”… and I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out what happened then. All my levels are blank.

This was honestly fine, I hadn’t spent much time on that stuff anyway… but it got me thinking, am I really doing this right?

I got several different size tilemaps, like a forest tile that loops indefinately that’s 64x128… that one got one tilemap. Then I got another forest that’s 32x32, that one got another tilemap… and another that’s 16x16 that got another one. Is this correct? It doesn’t feel right…
Picture of what my scene looks like now: https://i.imgur.com/epyMEEy.png

I’m new to Godot, so please teach me best practices… the coding is going great (I know how to code Python, and I’ve worked a lot with node-based coding) but I’m having some trouble with the structure and such. :slight_smile:

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: ponponyaya

I don’t know what’s best practice of scene structure.

In fact I think there’s no best practice can fix all projects.
(I mean different projects may need different ways.)

But there are actually some principles you can follow to make your scene became cleaner, for example this page.

By the way, you can try use procedural map generation in your game if you got tired to draw levels manually.