What do I have to know to create character and enterable vehicle in 3D game?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Jaki

Hi! I’m kinda new to game development and I am searching for the way to create 3D FPS game with drivable vehicles… can anyone direct me to some tutorials? I didn’t seem to find any on youtube nor on google.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Zylann

If you are thinking about a realistic 3D game with vehicles you can drive etc while being new to game development, sorry you have a long way to go :slight_smile:

Godot helps a little because it has a built-in VehicleBody node, however it may not suit all the needs of any game and its physics are quite fixed.

Off top of my head, you would need to:

  • Learn how to code in Godot
  • Make a map on which you can move
  • Make a 3D FPS controller with a Camera and a script
  • Have collisions on the map to not go through walls using StaticBodies and RigidBodies
  • Model and texture a vehicle model that can be entered (so it needs to have proper interior and door animations to enter it)
  • Detect when you can enter the car using input and a raycast
  • Have an animation on your 3D character when it enters the car (unless you just want it to teleport instantly to the driving seat)
  • Eventually have another script for a third person camera when you drive the car…
  • Drive the car by scripting the VehicleBody and applying physic forces

For an experienced developer, these steps could be done in a few days with crappy UX and placeholder graphics just for testing, but for a newcomer there is a lot to discover. Eventually, someone might have done a demo project featuring this, but you would still have to understand how it works (have a look at the official demo called Truck Town, it doesn’t have “enterable” vehicles but it just shows how VehicleBody works).

Each of these steps require new knowledge that you may get by reading the doc, following tutorials, and practicing simple projects. There is very little chance for you to find a detailed tutorial for such a high level and vast concept as “3D FPS game with drivable vehicles from scratch for newcomers”, but you may get there by progressing little by little with simpler steps (see also http://www.yourgameideaistoobig.com/).