What is needed to export to Google Play Store

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ej197us

Great product.
I have tried the following versions with no success:
3.1 Beta 3

Every time I upload an APK to Google Play
it fails with:

Failed to run aapt dump badging:
W/ziparchive(899856): Zip: Found duplicate entry assets/Control.gdc
W/ziparchive(899856): Zip: Error adding entry to hash table -5
W/zipro (899856): Error opening archive /export/hda3/borglet/local_ram_fs_dirs/2.prod.play-apps-publisher-app-parser.server.play-apps-publisher-app-parser-prod.356577084933.c8564a224093156f/./local_ram_fs_dir/upload-4644750241497551241.apk: Duplicate entries in archive
ERROR: dump failed because no AndroidManifest.xml found

When I unzip the file it looks like a packed version of the file is there.

I noticed that these types of questions go mainly unanswered.

I even went the scons route but cannot get past the SConstruct file missing.

This is an important aspect of any project.

Is there any help or resources that will fix this problem?


Can somebody point me in the right direction.

A lot of time and effort was made to learn GD Script and the GoDot Engine.

It is frustrating to get to the point of putting the app up for beta and running into a roadblock after trying everything mentioned.

Please help

ej197us | 2019-02-06 23:48

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: ej197us

Sorry for the noise.

The dos window was covered.


Again Great Job!