what is the best way to import a Sketchup 3D model into Godot ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Steph

What is the best way to import a Sketchup 3D model with textures to Godot ? thanks in advance.

There may be a way to use SketchUp models in Godot. One way is exporting the model as a GLTF file. From the looks of it, SketchUp has an extension which can export to GLTF.

If you haven’t already read it, the article on importing 3D scenes would help in this situation.

Ertain | 2019-01-23 19:29

Thank you Ertain, i will try this method and let you know if it works.

Steph | 2019-01-24 11:41

One way is to export *.dae/Collada from sketchup if possible.

But there are also sketchup import modules for blender. It might be a good idea anyway to import the models in blender, check materials and object structure and then export the result over via i.e. the “better collada” exporter over to Godot.

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wombatstampede | 2019-01-24 16:50

Thank you wombatstampede, this workflow worked well for me. Sadly, i couldn’t try the GLTF way, my Sketchup plugin isn’t working (error when exporting), but thanks again, Ertain, maybe someone else can tell if it’s working or not.

Steph | 2019-01-26 20:43