What is your preferred place to ask for help about Godot?

I’m curious to know where you prefer to ask for help or advice about Godot. Do you prefer the official Godot forums, the Godot subreddit, gamedev.stackexchange.com, Discord, somewhere else?

I’m also interested in your experiences with these platforms. Would you say the community is friendly and welcoming? Have you found the responses to your questions to be helpful and informative?

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I’m sad to say this but the Godot discord is the best for getting high quality advice quick.

The sad part is that it only helps one person - Discord isn’t indexed by google so everytime someone has the same question it has to be answered again.

Answering a question should contribute to the larger body of godot advice that anyone can access. This is a massive factor for engine popularity. Right now a big part of the knowledge/written help on Godot is hidden on a closed platform. That’s why I hope the godot forums would gain popularity, though I don’t exactly have high hopes. Discord is too established.

I wish we synced the discord answers to for example the forum. Anonymize the names and just… post them here. Have a separate category, or website, which only purpose is to mirror the discord. If we can’t sync the old answers because of privacy issues at least change the rules so that future answers can be used elsewhere.


yes please

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