What settings to use the lowest amount of resources?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By jitterbeetle

There are many settings under Project->Project Settings. I have a simple 2d that only draws lines and it does not require any high end features.

I want to make sure it uses the smallest amount of resources while it runs.

I have reduced it so that it uses about half of what it did when I started but I’d like to get down to a very small percentage of resources.

What settings are most likely to cause the best/lowest resource use if I alter them?

I have taken some time and tried turning some of the, many, knobs under my Linux project settings.

  • Low Processor Mode helped to lower how much CPU resources are

  • Low Processor Mode Sleep µSec also helps if you can raise it and
    see no visible difference. BTW the default value is 8000 microseconds
    and 1 µSec is 1 millionth of a second (so the default is 8ms)

  • I still do not know what Main Loop Type means and do not know what
    are the choices (maybe that option should not be there and is a

I had gotten below 1% CPU consumption but using git master it is at 2% now and I broke things by using git master and using some new features, so now I can no longer use 3.0.3-stable.

Also there are way too many tunables to try to iterate manually so something else is needed. Some kind of performance harness would be really helpful. It could display the game and have a control panel for all the tunables and give real-time (game-time) feedback as things are tuned.

Just having all those tunables documented would be a big step toward getting more performance.

jitterbeetle | 2018-06-14 19:53