What technologies do I need to learn to be able to contribute code to the Godot game engine and where do I start?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By touqeer11

I’ve used Godot a lot while learning game development and have always wished to be a code contributor for the engine but I am not very familiar with complex projects like this. So I want to know where I should I start in order to be able for the same. I am currently a Computer Science student and I have pretty good knowledge of C++ and have worked on web based projects (used Python and PHP) but never worked on such big project based on C++ (and other included technologies which I am not aware of).
So I am asking what are the various technologies one can learn to contribute to the Godot code base and pathway to learn them.
It will be very nice if you also tell about people whom I should be asking for help if I want to understand the code base more.

PS : I am very much eager to contribute to this amazing game engine that has been available for free for aspiring game developers (including me).


Hi, I have the same question and I’d like to know if you found the answer… I am currently (re) learning C++ and I am gaining some interest on computer graphics, and then I started to read about game engines, that’s how I got to Godot (in which I have zero experience). Right now, the learning path I’m taking is to study about parallel programming and OpenGL. After that, I want to explore what Godot is capable of…

So… If you found the answer to your question, I’d appreciate if you could share it, else, I’d like to see it answered by someone with experience making contributions to the project.


Smoker | 2021-01-07 18:42