What the upcoming GLES2 will bring? Will it fix compatibility of editor with older GPUs?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Joel Gomes da Silva

- What the upcoming GLES2 will bring?
I’ve read an article on News front page about the upcoming support to GLES2 due to compatibility with older and weaker GPUs (the given example was mobile devices). However, it’s not clear about what the features it will cover, if it will try to emulate in GLES2 the features of newer versions of GLES or will keep it (and look) simpler, for example.

- Will it fix compatibility of editor with older GPUs?
The main question. My laptop is quite old, and although I can run Godot 2.x, I can’t run Godot 3.x due to OpenGL version compatibility (my GPU supports up to the 3.1 version of OpenGL), and it’s the reason I’m not learning and using Godot recently. It happens on Windows, it works on Ubuntu, but as it runs in software mode, it’s slow and ugly, unuseable for production.
This upcoming update will fix this compatibility issues (example: the editor will run on OpenGL 2.x mode), or it’s aimed just for the exported games (example: to run on older mobile phones)? I’m sad about this lack of support to older GPUs on computers, I can even run the latest version of Unity on my laptop, but I can’t run the latest version of Godot. :frowning:

Thanks for the attention. :wink:

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: SIsilicon

First I just want to say that your title should be one sentence. Now the question.
As you know, Godot 3.1’s main addition is support for opengl es 2.0. This not only affects export of games, but also the editor as well. Which means that in Godot 3.1, your laptop should be able to work with the opengl es 2.0 back end.

Sorry, I will try to avoid more than one sentence in my future questions. An thanks for the answer, it makes me happy to know that Godot editor will run on my laptop. :smiley:

Joel Gomes da Silva | 2018-04-29 14:33