What's missing from my computer, the engine keeps crashing.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By xylantexodus

I’m new to game engines in general and I’m trying to learn how to use Godot. I downloaded the engine and opened it and the command prompt showed a bunch of errors before I even loaded a project.

Then, I tried to create a 3D project and the engine crashed. I downloaded the example project “3D FPP Interaction Template,” but when I opened it, I got this error and the engine crashed again.

Can someone explain to me what I’m missing? I’m trying to use the 3.1.1 stable x64 version on a Windows 7 computer

I’ve also tried opening a project using OpenGL 2 and it works, but after I save it and reload it, the engine crashes again. This has happened to me on 3 different computers. I’ve got to be doing something wrong, can someone please explain it to me?

xylantexodus | 2019-05-21 20:10

Are there any graphics inside your game? Can you tell your graphic card and driver?

Jowan-Spooner | 2019-05-21 20:56

It’s only a blank project. I literally, downloaded the engine, opened it, created a new 3d project, closed godot, opened godot again and tried to load the project and the engine crashed.

xylantexodus | 2019-05-21 21:57

Try opening the project.godot file contained in the project folder with a text editor. Does it contain the following section?



If not, try adding it manually – if there’s already a [rendering] section, just add the quality/driver/driver_name="GLES2" line at the end of the section.

Calinou | 2019-05-22 09:40

I just tried that and the engine still crashes when I open the project.

xylantexodus | 2019-05-28 02:45