What's the difference between mono and standard version?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Beginnner_At_Godot

I have just completed a Unity course in an online course. I’m interested to try a different engine to know the difference. I made a check in the internet but it couldn’t answer my question properly.

1 - What are the core differences?
2 - As the title is asking - what’s the difference between mono and standard version? I see that standard doesn’t have c# support. Does this mean i cannot write scripts or write a complete app if I download standard? is that what it means?
3 - An internet search says that Unity is the most popular worldwide. Does it mean others are somewhat more inferior or not as good? What are apps used to create games in the google play store? (This is a wide / big question that no one may be able to answer.) If my question is too big / wide, just say it’s not a valid question.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Eric Ellingson
  1. I haven’t used Unity, so someone else will have to answer this part of the question.

2: as you said, the mono version supports C#. That is the core difference. The standard version supports godot own scripting language, gdscript, so you can still write scripts and do everything you would be able to do in the mono version.

3: this difficult, but it probably wouldn’t be too far off to say that most games are made using Unity or Unreal engine, since those are currently the most popular engines out there.

What about godot? Is it worth the effort learning this or it’s better to learn Unreal? Any recommendations? Have you used unreal before?

Beginnner_At_Godot | 2019-11-04 07:50

I’d say that you should not spend time figuring out Unreal Engine, as it’s extremely difficult to use. You can also not use C#, but instead, you’ll have to use C++.
Godot, on the other hand, is even simpler to use than Unity and can use both C# and GDScript (You’ll have to use the Mono version for C#). It is a free engine, extremely powerful, and some things in unity that take days to complete can be finished in an hour in Godot.

The Gamer’s Zone | 2020-09-05 15:26

First of all you can see your computer because unreal Engine is a very heavy engine, so it can’t run on low end pc. But if your pc is high end pc or middle end pc. Then I will recommend to use unreal Engine for making games.
If you pc is low end pc then I will recommend to use godot because godot is a normal game engine made for low end pc.

No, I haven’t used unreal Engine before bucause I don’t have middle end pc, I have low end pc but I know many things about unreal engine.

Recommended:- use godot for low end pc and use unreal Engine for middle end pc

I am using godot now

Anmol Utkarsh | 2021-03-24 16:04

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