When playing, position and scale of enemy scene is not the one i set in editor

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Iakl

Hi Guys, I’m new to Godot Engine and I’m having a problem that is blowing my mind.

I have a world scene as the root node and in it, I created a player scene. I position the player whenever I want inside the world, without a problem. However, when I insert an enemy scene (that I created in another godot project) as a child of the world (player sibling) and rescale and reposition it here, the enemy always appears in position 0,0 with its original size when I press play. I don’t get what is happening. If someone can guide me I would be grateful.

I really like godot, but as a beginner, it is really frustrating when things dont work as it is supposed to, or when things are more difficult than they should be. I hope this is a beginner issue!!