Where is the "new user tutorial"

I have seen that there is a badge for completing it, but I don’t know where to find it. There is also an advanced tutorial I cannot find. I want to collect all the badges.

Great question…

You have to talk to the bot “discobot” that messages you when creating a forum account.

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Discobot told me to press the heart button when it’s a thumbs up, literally unplayable

also pressing the question mark doesn’t open the shortcut menu but rather selects the search bar, literally unplayable x2

anyway i am stuck on the advanced tutorial, where is the gear icon to start a poll?

edit: it was in the editor when you edit a message lol

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have to hold shift to press question mark, forward slash opens search :upside_down_face: git gud

:heart: != :+1: patch needed tho lazy devs lol

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