Why are my textures and landscape disappearing?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By YoshinoTakashi

I made one 500x 500z 2y put a texture on it and added a HTerrain also 500x 500z, i put a texture on it and some for a pathway made mountains but when i have something selected thats not HTerrain some areas textures where just gone and some of the hills that i had flatend went back up and some hills reset, is there a way to fix this? is it a bug?

If I understand correctly you are using the Heightmap Terrain plugin from the asset lib?
Can you show a video of the problem you are having? It could be LOD because in the editor the terrain stops updating level-of-detail if the terrain isn’t selected, but that shouldn’t cause that much trouble. Does the problem persist when you run the game?

Zylann | 2019-08-26 02:28