Why does InputMap.get_action_list() return nothing for an action with Joy Axis bindings

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By RaieTracer

My Input Map
var axis_ev = InputMap.get_action_list("move_forward_axis")
Why is there no output for line 2 of the above code?
Using InputMap.get_action_list("move_forward_axis).get_class() causes an error because of this. I’m just trying to read out the current InputMap actions to a keybindings settings menu. I’m just asking about this here before I take it to Github. Maybe I missed something in @GDScript or @GlobalScope? I’m currently implementing a workaround that just knows about this hitch and acts accordingly, but I’d like to clean the code up in the future. I would say that InputEventMouseMotion has a similar issue, but the problem there was that there’s no way to assign relative mouse motions to the InputMap outside of code afaik.