Why does my games .pck file not contain all the necessary resources

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By michaelpbl

When I export my game in the godot editor it produces two files: pokerClient9-1.exe and pokerClient9-1.pck.
Runnable is switched on, Texture format S 3 Tc is checked and so is 64 bIts. I have tried checking the Embed Pck box but it generates an error.

My resources are in 3 folders labelled fonts, Sounds and Sprites. I believe that all necessary resources from those folders are included in the .pck file however the game fires up its initial menu but will not otherwise run unless those folders are also present as follows:

WindowsDistribution →
fonts (folder)
Sounds (folder)
Sprites (folder)

The project name is pokerClient9-1

While this works, I really don’t think the resource folders should be required. It has now become an issue because I also want a MacOs distribution.

The MacOs export produces a zip file which starts up on a MAC when unzipped. Without the resource folders, the Game does just what it does on a PC without them: fires up the start menu but does not otherwise run.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Calinou

Check for case sensitivity issues and try to export the project again. You shouldn’t have to copy folders manually if everything is exported correctly.

OMG! As an old C++ and Java programmer I hate snake_case and always use camelCase. Unhappily, I have almost a thousand files in my project and about 400 in those three folders and they all use camelCase names.

michaelpbl | 2020-10-14 14:04

Thank-you. This was exactly the problem. I focused on my Sprites folder (now named sprites) and changed all file names to snake_case. Fortunately, the editor makes it easy to find and repair broken links. Pain in the neck but now the exe files run without the sprites folder. Had to also fix the sounds folder - a very minor task. Interestingly, Godot would not let me change the fonts folder - and it turns out it wasn’t necessary.

So the PC version runs with only the .exe file and the .pck file

And now the MAC version runs with just the .zip file

BTW the manual should be changed as the cross-compiler from Windows to MacOS works just fine.

michaelpbl | 2020-10-15 15:40