Why does System user automatically edit posts to remove full quotes?

Happened to me several times already. I try to quote OP, but when I post my reply System user automatically edit my replies to remove the quote and leave the rest.

Why’s that?

Last example of an edited reply: Player doesn't stick to moving walls - #8 by Exerion

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I think this happens if you quote the full previous post. There is no need to duplicate that. Imaginge someone reading the thread, they would have to read the exact same content twice.

The idea behind quotes is to emphasize which part of a post you are referring to, or to specify which specific post you replied to. But if it is the direct previous post than that is clear in any case so there is no need to replicate it.

I could look into the settings if we can disable this automatic deletion, but I think overall it’s a good thing to have. Especially for longer posts it quickly becomes disruptive if a full post is quoted.

I don’t have a strong opinion on this though, so if a lot of users would prefer this disabled, then we could have a look if that’s possible.

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I think instead of having the full quote there, could it replace it with the user the person is replying to? I think that may be useful.

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That would indeed be more useful than a full quote, but I can’t seem to find a setting that would do this. Plus the person gets a notification anyway for replies

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But what if you reply not to the last commenter but to someone higher in the thread?

Having your quote removed makes it confusing in who you’ve replied to.

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As far as I know the quote is only removed if you quote the previous message. If you quote something older then it shouldn’t be removed.


Let’s try this an see if this will get edited by the system

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Yeah, that seems to work.

I’m fine with this behaviour, but let’s keep the thread open for a while just in case if anyone else have another opinion.

Thanks, @winston-yallow !


There is one thing in discourse which might be a little… strange… you can:

  • reply to every single post…and
  • reply to the whole thread… ( ← this sometimes is called follow-up ??)

So for your example ( also like i did here… replying to something more up in the thread…)   there is no need of a full quote… so in the end this deletion makes the thread more readable… also in the future…

Actuallly there should be an arrow now on the top right of this post with your avatar which shows that this is a reply to something higher up… ( of course differnent discourse(es/-sites) could be configured differently… )

…and it is…

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