Why doesn't Godot let you dock anything at the bottom of the screen and you can't undock console/debugger/etc. either?

Seriously, I had to download an addon just to have file browser on the bottom instead of one of the side panels, in a layout I’m more comfortable with. Why isn’t the bottom part of the window (middle-bottom, right under scene/script view) just a regular dock site with console, etc. being regular panels? Why we have to suffer and not have everything customizable to our liking?

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It’s hard to make customizations, and up to developer demand to implement. I always found myself using the defaults if they are sensible enough.

Godot’s history of being single-window and how docks and panels and the “main screen” are setup would need to be re-written, along with everyone’s plugins.

Here is a relevant proposal, though looks like talk has died down on it.

And a surprisingly hard to find, but great way to search the proposals