Why is the mass of the shape not balanced on both sides?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By TSina

Hey, I’m Using RigidBody2D For My Node(The Player Character). Also StaticCollision2D And CollisionShape2D For The Game Platform(Terrain) It Will Just Be a Simple Platformer Game. But i Have A Problem That I Think Should Be a Bug…
Look At This Picture:

This Is What Must Happen(According to The Laws of Physics) , But When Character Collide To The Terrain, It Starts Rotation To The Z Orbit. Like That:
Please Check The Video.

I Tried to Set Friction And Bounce to 0 But Problem Still Exist.
I Have Also Checked The Rotation And it is 0 Degrees

I Remember I Had This Problem In Unity Engine Too. But I Don’t Remember How i Solved it.

I’m New To Using Godot And I Know My English Speaking Skill is Not Good…

the video is pitch black for me, i have not understood the problem

Andrea | 2023-02-23 09:47

What is “z orbit”? Also, a body’s centre of gravity will always be at 0,0, so if its collision shape is not at the centre, it will act wierd.

SteveSmith | 2023-02-23 21:04

it’s the orbit of the russian army
spiraling out of control

Andrea | 2023-02-24 08:47