Why my Better Collada export don't have a folder with textures?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By MrR

I have Blender model (made with 2.79). It has one texture on it and during the export with Better Collada, there is no images folder with DAE file. Yes, the option to export images is active and still nothing. Yes, I’ve tried many times with tons of different settings. I’ve cleared the duplicated textures in Blender (called texture.png.001, for example), made a new file and imported my mesh there, add new material and texture. Still nothing.

In addition, materials themselves are always messy, so I have to set them up manually again from scratch (and it is annoying).

PS. I’ve tried B 2.8 and glTF2, but there I have problems with lights and cameras (while all materials work great).