Why none of Godot's tutorials are compatible with the Godot?


I’m really confused. None of Godot’s tutorials are compatible with the Godot.

For example on this page:

It says to create a texture node, but there isn’t any texture in the node window:

You can see it here:

what is the problem? which one should I select?


Your Godot version appears to be very outdated. You’re using 3.1.2, but the latest version as of writing is 3.5.3. Grab the latest 3.x version from Download Godot 3 - Godot Engine :slight_smile:

Also, the video is likely referring to the creation of a TextureRect node. There is no “Texture” node to speak of in Godot.

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Did you follow the tutorial that you linked?

There is no Texture node. The tutorial is talking about creating a TextureRect node and assigning a texture to it (located in the inspector).

But even there isn’t ant textureRect node!

There is. I just downloaded Godot 3.1.2 (same as your version) and if I search for TextureRect I can see it.

Yes, you are right.
What is the meaning of node in Godot?
In other engines, there isn’t such a word!

The documentation is your friend. When in doubt always search there first.

Thanks, it sounds like nodes are our game members.