Will Godot 4 support gles2

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Codell Musukwa

I am using a old Intel laptop which supports gles2 only and Is my journey of Godot done

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idbrii | 2022-11-30 18:11

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: idbrii

From About Godot 4, Vulkan, GLES3 and GLES2:

What if I can’t run GLES3 or Vulkan?

Technically, for the editor, all hardware from the past decade supports either GLES3 and Vulkan. The main problem is that some of it (older Intel IGP) does not support OpenGL 3.x on Windows (though it does on Linux). Because of this, we are considering shipping the Windows version of Godot editor running on top of ANGLE (the same wrapper Google uses to run WebGL on Chrome). So, if you can run WebGL2 in your browser, you will be able to run Godot.

On MacOS, as OpenGL is being deprecated, we will also supply builds based on ANGLE (over Metal this time) so the editor and exported games using GLES3 continues to run.

You can follow the progress of angle support on PR #44845. Looks like it’s currently backburnered until the OpenGL3 renderer is complete. (Only 2D is complete so far.)

So, GLES2 support is effectively dead in Godot?

Not necessarily. It will be kept alive in two ways:

  1. Godot 3.x will be maintained for a long time so, if you require GLES2 you can use this version.
  2. Godot 4.x may support GLES2, but not necessarily out of the box. Some contributors want to work on it, so we may still add limited support for those who need it (may be switched off by default, though to save binary space). Keep in mind this will most likely be focused on 2D and may only support rather simple 3D.

The proposal to use OpenGLES 3.3 said they were planning to keep OpenGLES 2 for 2D rendering, but it’s unclear if that’s still the case. reduz seemed sure they should keep 2D.

So you can definitely stick with Godot 3. By the time Godot 4.1 is out, maybe you’ll be able to use it there too.