Windows "window" icon unable to be changed from default

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Ram

I followed all the tutorials on the official doc, many video tutorials and finally was able to configure my .exe and taskbar icons with multiple resolutions using gimp but I still cannot find a way to change the icon that shows up on the top left of the game window. What am I missing?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: jgodfrey

Did you follow the steps under Changing the file icon here?

Specifically, did you install the mentioned rcedit package and tell Godot where it’s installed?

I just tested that here and it works fine. The icon shown in the upper-left corner of the running application is the icon I specified using the above instructions.

Yes I did. I will try again later if you say it works but I did. I put it under another drive on my computer and put the path in godot where the tutorial says to put it. Maybe I have to put the rcedit.exe on the same drive? Seema unlikely but I can try anything at this point.

Edit: I copied rcedit.exe in the my godot folder just one level above the project and pointed to it. Did not fix, as expected. Also oddly enough the icon inside the godot project list does not work either unlike what the doc tutorial says that it should be the same as the taskbar icon.

Edit2: By using a 256x256 .png instead of a proper multi res .ico for Project → Project Settings → Application → Config → Icon I can get everything to work properly. So I guess I found a workaround. So a png in project settings and a .ico in the export settings seems to do the trick. Is it working as intended or is it a bug?

Ram | 2020-01-26 09:52