2.1.7 template for IOS

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Hello everyone, I have some old applications on the App Store made with Godot 2.1.x. For various reasons, it’s necessary to update these applications, sometimes because the certificates expire or because Apple requires updating the API level. I’m having problems compiling the Godot template for iOS with the latest version of Xcode, has anyone succeeded?

The 2.1 branch is no longer maintained since several years, so there are a number of changes made to the 3.x and master branches since ~2018 that would need to be backported for it to properly support latest iOS versions.

You can look at the Git history for the 3.x branch in the platform/iphone folder and try to assess what changes may solve the issues you’re having.

Or brute force trying to fix it based on the errors you’re getting and using the newer branches as a reference. Either way, it won’t be trivial, but it’s doable.

If you can point out the issues you’re having, I may be able to help identify which later Godot changes are relevant.

Please let us know if you do manage to update 2.1 to support latest iOS.