4096x4096 Texture does not load at all

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I can not get a 4096x4096 image to load in godot even the preview(of the png not even used as a material or anything)shows up empty:

Texture was created by baking the diffuse map in blender cycles.

If I use the same procedure but create an image 1024x1024 it works no problems. As the model is a very large plane this does not look any good and I need a larger resolution.

According to the docs the max resolution should be 16384×16384 which 4096x4096 is not even near to. So I can not understand what the problem could be.

Could anybody point me in the right direction to get it to work?

Post the code, ImageTexture should not be created from the editor. They are only used when loading Images from code.

I’m sad to say that there is no code at all. I want to use this as a texture. But the png does not load at all. This is the preview created when clicking the png in the file browser. So no code invilved at all, no texture just the plain png

The editor does not create ImageTexture from files. I’m not sure how you got that.

Make sure that the png is imported as Texture2D in the Import dock.

Sorry, I think we got a little misunderstanding here. This was not about the texture. I want to use this as a texture later. But I could not because the png did not load at all… So one step below the creation of the texture. Now after a reboot I wanted to create some more screenshots to make that clear…
But the image loads… I don’t think the reboot solved the problem but the restart of godot. Image was created while godot was started.

It works with 1024x1024 while godot is started. So larger image files need a restart of godot. Strange but I can live with that.

So now the image loads I can create the texture just fine, too.

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