A giant problem including problems with the x64 and x86 architecture

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So my friend have a big problem. We’re trying to make a game in c# but he have a few problems coming in the log. We don’t really understand why they even show. We know that it’s a problem with .NET, and more precisely with the versions. The log on the ss that have less problems is x64 and the second one is… I don’t even know what.
Some info that may be useful:
He tried reinstalling everything like 10 times
Neither the x64 or x86 architecture version work without those problems
We don’t even really understand what we’re doing, we’re just trying to make something with no experience or skills, but that’s not a problem to be honest (we have less brain cells than a chair)


The second log

The logs don’t mention anything related to architecture. The first line says it cant find a .net library (.dll)

Did you install the C# SDK? It could also be a permissions or environment issue.

Everything needed is installed. I understand that in the logs there is no information about the architecture, but the amount of problems that show in the log depend on what version of .NET 8.0.0 he installed. Firstly he had a small issue with the x64 version of .NET 8.0.0 so he installed the x86 one and the problems disappeared for some time, but they came back after like two weeks and like before - the log said that something is missing or not working even if everything that should be installed, was installed

Of course he installed everything from the official microsoft page