A question about Godot UI theming

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hello :3
is there a way to for example set a style box flat(or any other property / resource) for all control nodes or you must add all of them to you theme one by one and manually ?!

we have this in the project settings:
just search “theme” in there and you should find it

you can do this

remember, control nodes and its children actually inherit the parent theme, so you just need to set theme on the very top control node, example the GUI node that’s a Control node

thank you for your response , what i meant was this :
you know when you change Buttons StyleBoxFlat , all of its derived nodes (like toggle button) are affected ? is there a mother node , which by changing it all of control nodes are affected ?

a theme is basically storing possibly any kind of type node there, as long as you defined it first. so you can set this theme with button type with these override properties, and any control nodes that inherits from this will use the set button theme override properties if it’s a button type

here’s an example
i have a control node and it has a theme with button type changed for normal texture to styleboxflat red color:
the children of this node, aka Button node there also got affected

and as you can see, the button has nothing being set up but still display red solid color :