According to AI: Don't use transparent skybox--color is used by cameras for depth calculation, and other?

When asked about making a camera’s background invisible, my AI assistant responded by stating:

To make the camera’s background effectively invisible, you can use a transparent color. However, transparency in the camera’s background isn’t something typically done because 3D views usually require a solid backdrop for depth calculation, among other reasons.

Ok, what? Is this true?

This makes me think that the camera environment is like a blue screen. Anywhere that I have a color in my scene that matches the background, the camera will treat that area as if it is at the backdrop’s depth. And what would be the among other reasons?

I don’t want to go to much into what I’m currently doing with a transparent skybox, because I really want to understand how Godot works. So I will limit myself in saying that I have a camera as a child of a SubViewportContainer. There is a second child (.obj) contained in a Subviewport that would look awesome if it did not have that awful grey square around it.

Also, changing the background color to Alpha:0 turns it black. It is still not invisible!

Like the AI said, don’t set the SubViewPort color to transparent! There is a ‘Transparent’ option in the inspector.