Add Node window appears off screen and I can't move it back

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Hopefully this is just me missing something easy, but in my current project when I click the Add Node button the resulting window appears halfway off my monitor to the top right. As a result I’m unable to reposition it anywhere else because the Title Bar is also off the screen so I can’t click and drag it.

This persists across closing the program, restarting Windows, running the software both maximized and not maximized (tried this on both of my monitors). I’ve also looked and found nothing in the editor_settings-4.tres file for anything that might be related. I’m on Windows 11.

Anything else I can try to fix this?

make sure Create New Node is the front most window. Press Windows + Up a couple times to maximize the window. (Or press Windows + Down a couple times to minimize the window.) You should now be able to drag the title bar where ever.

Or with the window minimized or maximized, click the icon in the window and try the Move command.


Thanks so much, that worked

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