Add outline to Google's Noto Emoji font in RichTextLabel

Godot Version



I am new here, I discovered Godot and I love it, thanks to the developers, it is an amazing engine
I am trying to work around emoji font, and chose Noto Color Emoji
because it is compatible with Unicode emoji 15.1

I need to set an outline to the emojis, but I can’ figure out how. I tested the below on multiple emojis

  1. I tried using tags, it works on the default font but not on Noto Emoji. (bbcode_enabled=true)

  2. I tried to use font outline setting these parameters:

  • theme_override_constants/outline_size
  • theme_override_colors/font_outline_color
  1. I tried playing around the .ttf file import menu: in the prerender configurations, there is a “outline” size parameter, but I can’t figure out how to make it work

I read the documentation about emojis (where it recommends Noto) but I didn’t see any limitation described there.

Does someone has an idea how to make it work? Or any idea where I should dig more?

Thanks in advance,