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Hi everyone, i’m looking for some advice on how i should be moving forward with a project of mine. See, i’m a college student who’s major is software engineering. Recently i took an elective class where we worked in godot to make an actual game on our own or in a team. I made this Monster Crawl by MaskedGames1884 on my own. My idea for this game is that it would be 3d, however it was definitely much easier to make a 2d game in one semester then a 3d game. So currently i have ideas on where i should go from here but it’s kind of hard deciding with my limited information. So here are my questions. (Questions are in Bold Text)

  1. Should i continue working on my 2d game and later look at converting it into a 3d game or should i just start the entire thing over from the start as a 3d game?
    On the one hand if i continue the 2d and later convert to 3d, i can develop with what i know, try and learn what i need to be able to make it 3d when not making it, and it won’t be too hard making the game, but when i need to convert it the more stuff i have the more i’ll need to change. But if i start over from scratch on 3d i’m not sure where to really start on any of it, but that’s everyone in the beginning. So kind of hard for me to choose.

  2. If i want to end my project in unreal engine should i start it in godot and later transfer it to UE or should i just start it in UE and not work on it in godot?
    So i want my project to end in Unreal Engine because it is definitely the best when it comes to graphics. I mean when we look at the games it’s made like Jedi Fallen order and Survivor, the entire arkham series, Days Gone, Hogwarts Legacy, i can go on but the point is their graphics are awesome. Now i’m not sure my game will look as good as those, but i would like to leave it open to try and get close to that level of graphics. I guess i’m just saying i have a big dream of what this could be and i’m not sure godot is that capable.

  3. for the sake of the argument, say i do start the project in godot and want to transfer it, at what point should i start thinking about switching engines?
    I guess to further explain maybe, like what signs might i see that tell me my game has surpassed the limits that godot can manage and can’t support my project anymore? Is there a limit? My only knowledge on godot’s capabilities is that most AAA game companies don’t even consider it, and only until unity’s recent mistake which caused a ton of users to switch to godot did it really start becoming popular. That’s my understanding and i don’t even know how much of that is true. So i guess for a forth question here.

  4. What are the limits and capabilities of godot compared to Unreal Engine and Unity?

Thanks for reading and to anyone who’s willing to help enlighten me with some much needed advice i give you a big heartfelt thank you.

  1. try Unreal Engine, download and install it. How well does it run on your PC? :slight_smile:

Unreal Engine works pretty well on my laptop. I have worked in it and created some things. Mostly particle systems for game abilities. Haven’t worked in it as much as i have worked in Godot though.

Then I would recommend sticking with Unreal Engine, or better yet, familiarizing yourself with it. Last time I did anything with UE4 was 3 years ago, if you don’t have high quality assets then the game won’t look much better with Unreal Engine. Additionally, you have to have good hardware, which usually costs at least $2k.

How many players are there on Steam with a modern graphics card? 30 to 40%?
steam hwsurvey

OK. Thank you for this advice. I didn’t think to consider the fact that if i don’t have any assets that are specifically for Unreal Engine then what’s the point. Thank you alex2782, that was very helpful.

You’re welcome to use any engine, but let me be frank - graphics are the least of your concerns at this stage if your goal is to learn how to make games. While Unreal supports photo-realistic graphics, making them is INSANELY time-intensive and requires whole teams of people unless you buy pre-made assets. Godot supports pretty good graphics and is a far-easier tool. The way I’d choose if I were you is:

  1. Do I need to know a specific engine for sometime soon in life (for an internship next semester, etc.)? If yes, and that job is with Unreal - sure, go with Unreal. Or if you are aiming only for Unreal for your career.

  2. Am I trying to show off a specific graphic capability? If my project is mainly about graphical showcase (and not gameplay or learning game dev, etc.) - sure, go with Unreal.

Otherwise, go with whatever makes you more excited to sit down at your computer every day. Unreal is shiny, but it’s SOOOOOO much harder to learn and use than Godot. And it runs sooooo much slower (in dev, not in production).

So if you’re not doing a graphics-focused showcase and just want to learn how to develop games, Godot in most cases is the best platform. If you feel you’ve learned enough and are ready for the next (muuuuuch bigger) challenge, then sure, go with Unreal. But if your goal is to build a usable game in least amount of time, given graphics are good enough, I don’t think Unreal is the answer.

Only you know what your priorities are. Hope this helps you pick, though.

Good luck and have fun!

  • Continue 2D, convert later: This is a valid approach. You leverage your existing code and knowledge, making learning 3D less overwhelming. However, converting a fully developed 2D game to 3D can be a lot of work, depending on complexity. ativador windows 10

Thank you for the reply. I had noticed that unreal, while a powerful engine, was much harder. I worked with a group to make a game in unreal and it was indeed very hard. Godot was by far easier to understand and work in. I’m not sure if it was entirely because unreal was harder then Godot or if it was also the fact that i was more interested in my solo Godot project then the group unreal project but i found that i liked working on my project in Godot far more. This has given me several things to think about, from the fact that I’m just starting out to the fact that most photo-realistic graphic games require teams of people to create. Thanks again for the reply.

Well, I’m gonna say that my problem is solved at this point. After reading the replies i received i think they helped me kind of see that any plans of switching a project from Godot to unreal engine are kind of pointless for me at the moment because
A) I’m just starting out as a developer and unreal engine is pretty hard to grasp.
B) I don’t really have any assets or anything that would make switching to unreal engine worth it.
C) Godot is perfect for beginners like me and is easy to learn.
D) If i still think about switching to unreal engine, then i can just continue working in Godot while learning skills in unreal engine and then switch when i feel more confident about unreal.

As for my dilemma of working in 2d and convert to 3d later vs start a new 3d project now. I think one of my previous answers to whether i stay in godot or switch to unreal gave me my answer there too. Just like how i don’t have any assets that are designed for unreal, i don’t really have any assets designed for 3d just yet. I can continue to try and make 3d assets, but until i have them i’m just gonna keep working on my 2d version. I can make 2d assets far easier then any 3d asset, i can keep refining my skills as a game developer, and whenever i have what i need to make a 3d version of my game then i can simply start a new 3d project from scratch and base as much as i can on my original 2d version.

I’m not entirely, 100% sure this is the right path to take. However, since when is anyone 100% sure about anything regarding the future. You can only be confident, stay positive, hope for the best, and ask for help whenever you fall down. I would like to end this by thanking @alex2782, @alextheukrainian, and ativadore for the replies and the advice and suggestions.

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I can with 100% certainty tell you that learning any engine is better than learning no engine for your game dev future! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: glhf

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