All of my C# code are suddenly giving me errors

I oppened my project and I tried to build it in godot but it doesn’t build because all of my C# scripts are giving me CS0111 and CS0102 errors:

My project was working perfectly untill yesterday. How can I fix this???
The version I’m using is v4.2.1.stable.mono.official

CS0111 and CS0102 are pretty self-explanatory. You likely have a duplicate of one or more of your classes, which are now conflicting with each other.

Looking at your screenshot, “LevemItem.cs” next to “LevelItem.cs” is a bit suspicious. I’d start there.

In VS Code you can also press Ctrl+Shift+F to search all files, and look for “class LevelItem” (for example) to locate other files containing that class definition.

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The “LevemItem.cs” and “LevelItem.cs” are different scripts and have different classes as well. Theese files are in my project since I started working on my game and I’ve never had any conflict before. I was working on the problem and I deleted the “android” folder because godot started giving me another errors. I did it just to see what could happen and it solved the problem (???). Well, I don’t know how can android folder be related to theese errors, but the fact that c# is experimental explains a lot.

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