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Hello everyone,

I have some queries regarding in-app-review implementation in godot.

My first query is like: In case of normal review process we open google play with its url & adding package name of our game (by using OS.shell_open ). But when I read some documentation about in-app reviews, I found that package name is not needed. Is it like this or am I missing something?

Second issue is like this: To implement the feature in my game, first I installed plugin Godot-GooglePlay-InApp-Review from GitHub - i-bardinov/Godot-GooglePlay-InApp-Review: Godot Google Play In-App Review plugin for Godot Engine 3.4 or higher. But my app was crashing on starting.

Then I used InAppReview plugin from GitHub - pschw/InAppReview: Implementation of the Google Play In-App Review API for Godot 3.2.3. There was no error & app was starting smoothly. When the review.startInAppReview() method is called still no error & review_flow_started & review_flow_finished signals were fired in the order.

But as my app is not published on PlayStore, it is expected to fail with firing signal review_info_request_unsuccessful Even after disabling internet connection, I still get the same signals

Any clue why I am getting successful callback even when my app is not on the Play Store?

vbdev | 2021-07-03 13:09

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