Animate a gradient texture 2d

Why I can’t animate a gradient texture changing the color values? Whenever i change a keyframe value its replicated to all others

At a guess the keyframe changes which gradient the rect uses, not the values of the gradient. Instead try creating several gradients (or several textures) and using the keyframes to swap them in and out.

Using several gradients won’t let me set the blend correctly. I can’t set a fade transition between then.

You want to key the “raw data” values, not the gradient property.

How can i set a keyframe on this? The key buttom is only avaiable for gradient

Oh, right, 'cause it is an array… You could do a few different things to get the effect you want, but you’re gonna need a different approach, more complex than just a gradient texture. What is this used for exactly? Maybe there’s a different way to do it without even a texture?

Perhaps using a shader with uniforms instead of a texturerect will give you what you want.

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