Animating long rope / chain to follow pre programmed (blender) path

Godot Version



I am trying to find a way to animate a chain or rope (or any long object) to follow a pre-programmed path.
In blender you can use the Array + Curve modifier to create an object that nicely curves with the selected path when you animate the position of the object.
When exporting to GLB and importing into godot the object just moves along the X-Axis, not along the path (as this is what we animated in blender).
Is there a simple way to recreaate this path following mechanic from blender in godot?
The solution I found online was to create many little bones and convert it into a full-fledged animation. However with this approach one can easily reach 100+ bones depending on your fidelity of the curvature/bending and it involves a lot of manual work in blender. (See

I also found this github repo (GitHub - TheFamousRat/MeshCurver) but it is 5 years old and I could not get it to work reliably.

I’m thankful for any idea you pitch me :slight_smile:
Kind regards