Animating position and rotation

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I’m trying to animate position and rotation at the same time. It works fine in the editor, and they work in-game separately, but not together at the same time (rotation and position). What is the issue?

the animation just rotate and position z?

Yes, I want to move along the z axis while rotating around the y axis.
Tried it like this too.

did you turn on this?

Yes, I did.

did you add the key from this?

Yes, i used the key icon.

turn it off
and it should work

You’re right it works that way! I need it to interact with other physics object though, will it cause any physics issues because it’s not synced? Animating seems to be the easiest way to create moving platforms.

animate the Node3D of parent of this animatable Body instead, while keeping sync to physics on

Makes sense, thanks!

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