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I am going through a video tutorial with Udemy, learning heaps, but, there is a question I have.

We are creating animations for the main protagonist and we are using the Animation Player Node to create the animations - all good, a bit time consuming though - to a standard Sprite 2D Node. However, when I did the Brackey’s tutorial 3 weeks ago , we used an animated Sprite and used SpriteFrames with sprite-sheets I could create the animations which I could add,delete, move frames with greater control.

So, which in your opinion is the best way to create animated characters, Animation Player or SpriteFrames?


For creating small games character animation, animated sprite is the best but if you want to make it advance then animation tree is the best. I always use animation tree for my 2d games like platformer. Animation tree allows you to create smooth transition animations like idle to run smoothly. Also animation player and animated sprite is almost same, but if you want to create just sprite frames animation, then animated sprite is best and easy. Overall, for creating smooth animations with animation tree, animation player is the best (you can use animation player + animated sprite for make it easy if you are using animation tree)

Ahhh, I haven’t come across that - yet. That will be interesting.

But yes animation Player and animated sprites seemed almost the same to me, I was wondering if there was some great difference as you got more in-depth with them - that might be where animation tree comes in.

Thanks for replying.

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