Animation Keep Custom Track true by default

I have thousands of animations in my project. I import animations from glb files that I import as scenes and then use the set animation save path to export them all to separate res files to a folder, I need that for my workflow. I need them all to have “Keep Custom Tracks” on by default. How do I do that? there is no way I will click through each animation and set it separately in the import window

you can write a small script like this and stick it in the animation node

extends AnimatedSprite2D

# Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.
func _ready():
	animation = "Keep Custom Tracks"

If you have that many animations you can edit the .import file that Godot creates with a text editor next to your model file (example, if your model file is model.glb the file will be model.glb.import) and replace all occurrences of "save_to_file/keep_custom_tracks": "" with "save_to_file/keep_custom_tracks": true You’ll need to set the animation paths before that.

It’s better if you do that with Godot closed.

that’s a brilliant idea thank you!