Animation player bugs with audio?

Godot Version



I’m animating a short scene where I have ambient noise playing and two different sounds that loop continuesly.

I currently have two audio players and I have added the volume property of each audio player as a animation track. I make long fades and transition from day to night. The first audio player I added works beautifully to keys on volume, but the second player does not react at all when running the game scene, but somehow works fine in the editor animation tab. It seems like a bug and I can’t change the outcome when running it in game.

I tried moving to one audio player and use the special audio animation track but it’s cross over functionality to do a fade doesn’t seem to exist. Or am I missing some magic button or something? I’d like the audio files to overlap, but that doesn’t seem possible with the single audio player… ( the audio files are minutes long and if I have more then one voice I don’t know if I can control the previous voice without attaching a script)

Just looking for something quick, dirty and simple thanks.

I played around with it some more, I think there is an issue with AudioStreamPlayer3D
I moved one of the offending 3D players to a normal stream player and the issue does not exist.

I monitored the volume_db value from a script and it updated correctly but the audio didn’t change. anyway I’m closing this issue for now.

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