Animation Tree node is outlined yellow

Godot Version



Hi Guys, total Godot newbie here, I was following this nice tutorial when at some point, without me noticing it, one of my nodes in the animation tree (a BlendSpace1D) got outlined yellow and now the animation won’t stop playing and is causing some issues creating new animations.

I would like to understand what happened and how to “deactivate” that yellow outline that seems to always be playing the animation.


The yellow outline is the current playing node. If you want to deactivate the AnimationTree disable its property.

Hi @mrcdk thank you for your response. I tried deactivating the AnimationMixer and although the yellow outline remains there, the eternal looping stopped and I could create new animations easily.

Just gotta remember to turn it on to test the game (seems sub optimal… maybe there’s a better way).


Follow up: turns out I was missing this line in my _ready() function for the player script: = true

Marking @mrcdk as solution anyways as it made me understand what I was missing.