AnimationNodeBlendTree - Is possible to duplicate a node output?

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Is it possible to duplicate a node output (thru engine itself or some trick)?

I would like to make something like this without cloning all the nodes:
(Here two lines start from the same node. This pictures has been edited, it’s just a concept-art)

Thank you.

You may be able to extend an AnimationNode and write custom logic for it but I’m not sure if that will work as all nodes have only one output.

What I want to achieve is to Add only to one bone and Blend all the others.
Do you know any other way to do this?

Would reating a custom AnimationNode help me with this? Do you know any tutorial (text or video) I can follow about this?


I don’t know, sorry. I don’t think you’ll be able to find any tutorial for this as it’s quite an advanced topic and tutorials usually don’t focus on it.

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