Animationsprite2d frames

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1 stable


Hello everyone. I’m a beginner at godot. And I was faced with the need to change the location of frames in the animationsprite2d node separately. Is there any way to do this?

you mean edit the frames position of an animation in animation frame in editor?

Yes, I meant adjusting the position of frames in an animation within the animation frame editor.

just click drag and drop the frames you wanted to change the position, i dont see it’s not functioning

but, what to do with this frame? I cannot cut it perfect, how i can change the position in every single frame because the center of the frame is not in one point.

You cannot adjust by frame with the AnimationSprite2D but you can use a AnimationPlayer which is more powerfull.

in what animation engine/animator you made those frames, it’s different kinds of thing between animation frames and animated sprite2d’s frames.