Any stats on Linux game devs?

Are there any polls on which OS platforms Godot game developers use in 2024? I am particularly interested in Linux percent but Mac also.

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you can use reports on the monthly “Steam Hardware & Software Survey” as an overall gaming platform indicator .
I understand target platforms, but why is it important which platforms devs use anyway?

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They haven’t done their annual poll yet this year, but there’s data from 2023:

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Many dev tools are easier to develop for Linux/Mac than Windows initially only because there is pretty decent open source code/compiling/debugging documentation. Not that there is anything wrong with Windows :). I also want to know if devs use WSL on Windows and if they have any good or bad experiences.

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where ther are sharing this polls?

There’s a post in the news/blog section of the main website, but I think they also post links to social media and probably this forum too.

okey thanks :smiley:

I use Windows and Linux, depending on the specific task. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, so using them both at once always worked best for me.

My WSL experiences were rather bad. I used a full Hyper-V Linux VM for a while before getting a real secondary Linux PC at some point.

Using Linux as full development environment for (Godot) games works pretty well nowadays, but you most likely still want to develop for Windows (90%+ market share), which includes testing your games on an actual Windows machine. C# with NativeAOT enabled also doesn’t support cross-compilation, so if you are using that you will need Windows anyways.

Another sidenote: there are quite a few OS specific differences in Godot and .NET, so testing any somewhat advanced game on all target platforms is absolutely mandatory.